Building a PC

It's been a while since I've built a PC from components. Actually, it's still going to be a while, since my role in building this one was mostly confined to watching number one son put the bits together and asking questions like "Is it supposed to bend like that?" during the construction. 

The answer to the question is "Mostly yes.". I remember from years ago that there are some parts of the process, for example plugging in the memory, where a certain amount of "proper force" is required. We built the machine yesterday evening and left it running all night to give Windows 10 a chance to get its ducks in a row.

The installation of Windows 10, from a memory key, went really well. The only minor hiccup was when we discovered that the network drivers for the motherboard aren't part of the Windows 10 distribution and so we needed to install them by hand (from a CD-ROM - remember them?) before we could get on line. But apart from that it was smooth sailing (I'm writing this in the full knowledge that the next thing that will happen is a catastrophic failure of something or other). 

Anyhoo, to celebrate our success number one son bought Doom for the PC. It's available from Game, in a fancy box with extras for 27 quid, which seems good value when you consider that the download from Steam, which comes in no box whatsoever, costs 40 pounds. 

The PC kit included a fancy graphics card and we had the game running in 4K resolution on the big telly at a steady 60 FPS. Which was nice.