Tapped out

Fired up with the success of my work with the kitchen door, today I transferred my attention to the tap in the garden. This has been dripping for a while. I'm not saying that the garden now looks like the picture above, but I think it is only really a matter of time.

Anyhoo, determined not to get caught out by fate, I equipped myself with a selection of different sized tap washers, turned the water off at the mains and set to. And of course got caught out by fate. The top of the tap would not unscrew. I was just about to give it what might be called a "proper" go, when I paused to consider a possible downside; namely that if I broke the thing I would be unable to turn the water back on. And I quite fancy having a shower tonight. Not to mention a cup of tea. So I paused for a re-think. The only part that did move was the entire tap itself. So it was on to Amazon and the pleasing discovery that a replacement tap could be mine for just five pounds (does every job I do have a component that costs five pounds?).

The order has gone in, the tap is still dripping and I'm calling the day a partial win.