Hull Pixelbot goes public at the Amy Johnson Makerfaire

Today was the first public outing of the Hull Pixelbot at the Amy Johnson Makerfaire in Hull. I was interested to see what folks made of our little plastic robot with a pixel on top. Turns out that people seemed to like it, which was nice. We had lots of hardware group members who turned up to tell the Hull Pixelbot story (thanks folks) and how to get involved and it all went really well. 

We're going to develop this robot of the next few months and with a bit of luck I'll realise my dream of 100 Hull Pixelbots all wandering around together making art. Or something. 

If you want to get involved you can find out more at Next meetup is on Thursday 1st of September. I can't wait to see who comes along. 

We've even got a spiffy new logo now.