Judging Three Thing Game

I stole this picture from  David Parker

I stole this picture from David Parker

One of my fondest memories of working at Hull University was the Three Thing Game hackathons. Teams spent a chunk of time developing a game based on three "things". What they came up with was always impressive.

David was kind enough to ask me to help with the judging on the latest competition, so I headed into the university this afternoon to see what was going on.

Answer, a lot. More than 80 students. Over thirty teams. APD providing pizza,  Lee Stott and Simon Jackson with game ideas and devices, Adam from BetaJester, the Visr crew .  Just like old times. Only better. 

I saw some awesome games and had some great conversations with students, some new, some I knew. Unfortunately I had to zoom off just before the prize giving, but Lee has got some great pictures on his Twitter feed

Congratulations to the Hull team for running such an awesome competition.