Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch

I've bought Minecraft on lots of different platforms but never really played it enough to do it justice. Perhaps the version on the Nintendo Switch will be the one that changes this. It's not particularly expensive and from my fairly limited perspective, does a very good job of implementing the game. The controls are a bit fiddly. I keep throwing things when I mean to select them. But then again I've found the controls fiddly on other platforms. 

There are two things that I do really like about this version though. The first is that you can carry it anywhere and play it easily. The second is that wireless play is really well implemented. Within just a few minutes I was inside a world made by Number One Son and exploring it. 

If you have a Switch, I'd strongly suggest you get a copy. If you've got a friend who also owns a Switch, you should persuade them to get a copy too.