AI Rob Miles

Other Rob Miles.PNG

Here's a nice quote: "The world is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

Now, here it is in action. On Thursday last week I blogged that I was giving a talk about robots taking over the world, but I had no recollection of arranging it. The blog post then gets some comments from folks who think that this Rob Miles should probably have been booked instead.

Then, today, AI Rob Miles (as I shall refer to him) got in touch offering to do the talk. From the videos that he has produced (you should watch them) I reckon he'd do a much better job than me. I've fiddled with AI and whatnot, but I wouldn't call myself much of an expert. AI Rob Miles is. 

Rob Miles is not an uncommon name I suppose, and there are lots of techy people out there. But even so I'm impressed by the coincidence.