Astonishing Customer Service

I've seldom been so happy to lose a bet. 

A week or so ago one of the taps in the kitchen broke. Or, perhaps to be more precise, I broke it. While replacing the internal fitting (the bit that you have to change every now and then otherwise the taps drip) I put the handle screw on cross threaded and managed to strip the threads so that the tap handle wouldn't fit properly.

This was the cue for a whole selection of MacGuyver-esque escapades as I tried a bunch of different tricks to try and attach the tap cover. Some were quite successful. One lasted all of a day.

Number one son watched these attempts up until the point they stopped being amusing (i.e. for around ten minutes) and then suggested that I contact the company and ask for a replacement for the broken part. "Don't be silly" I replied haughtily. "No one does that kind of thing any more. I bet you fifty pence that if I contact them I'll get no response". 

Anyhoo, a bet is a bet, so last week I filled in a web form describing the problem and received a reply from Anna telling me that the replacement parts were in the post. No charge. 

Astonishing service. Thanks so much Brita. You've restored my faith in customer service. I'll pay number one son next time I see him. And be very happy to.