Happy Birthday Me

I'm now officially and properly old. Bus passes beckon. Thank heavens I've still got my youthful good looks (although I've forgotten where I put them).

However, I've just had the most fantastic of birthdays, starting with a trip out for coffee in the morning and then a slap up Sunday Lunch at 1884 Dock Street Kitchen.  They do a roast beef that is just perfect (pro-tip, have the sausage roll snacks as starters, lovely). The meal was a surprise treat, and a great time was had by all. Particularly as a whole bunch of family members turned up, some of whom I wasn't expecting. 

So, we headed home after the meal and I reflected what a great day I'd had. And then it started all over again. The family, who's reputation for subterfuge has gone up several levels, had arranged to fill our house full of friends to do the surprise party thing, even down to the hiding of cars in distant car parks and stealthy arrangement of shoes and coats so that the big reveal was just that.  I had a great time, and we even ordered Domino's Pizza for tea. 

Thanks so much to everyone who attended. We played some games, I blew out some candles, cake was eaten and a wonderful time was had. If this is what birthdays are like when you're sixty, sign me up.