Crazy Rich Asians

crazy rich asians.PNG

Now, don’t spread this around, but I quite like a good Romantic Comedy every now and then. If you all you go to is superhero films you get a bit tired of great slabs of exposition about “Shifting into the Quantum Space and causing the end of the universe” in between huge, choreographed fight sequences. And occasionally it’s nice to see a film in which the none of the laws of physics are broken.

Crazy Rich Asians is about a bunch of people, most of whom are crazy rich. It has all the required rom-com ingredients and it mixes them together really well. For me the biggest star is Singapore, which looks awesome. I was lucky enough to go there a few years back and now I want to go all over again.

If you like a good comedy which is well played and (not really a plot spoiler) a nicely realised happy ending then it is well worth the trip. The exuberance of the cast and the flair of the production are really uplifting. Great fun.