Hull Devs at Hull


Hull Devs is shiny new. They have T shirts. They have free crisps. And beer. And they meet up at on the last Wednesday of every month at c4diAnd we end up in the pub.

Joe Stead, the man behind a really good talk a while back, returned to Hull with Richard Tasker, who gave a lovely talk about the Raspberry Pi. I know a bit about this device, but Richard put me onto some interesting new directions which I'm looking forward to exploring. 

If you're a developer in Hull you should go along to Hull Devs. They've got a great programme of talks running into 2018. It's also a great place to meet up with other developers from the Hull area. And don't forget, there's also the awesome CodePen sessions (the next on is on 9th October) and of course our hardware meetups (the next one is on 5th October).

It's great to see all these initiatives taking off in the areas. Thanks to Joe and his sponsors for getting the ball rolling.