Sofa so good


If you've ever wondered whether an Ikea Vilasund sofa bed will fit in the back of a BMW i3 it turns out that the answer is yes. But only just. However, beware. It turns out that buying a sofa can be just the start of a chain reaction of effort. At least it was for me. 

  1. Dismantle old sofa.
  2. Take old sofa to tip.
  3. Move large sofa out of way.
  4. Build Vilasund sofa in place of large sofa.
  5. Empty other room.
  6. Remove carpet from other room.
  7. start laying laminate flooring in other room.
  8. Find out you've not bought enough flooring.
  9. Buy more flooring. 
  10. Lay it. 
  11. Find out that you've still not bought enough flooring. Question arithmetic skills where area calculations are concerned. 
  12. Buy more flooring. 
  13. Finally complete the floor.
  14. Put large sofa in other room. 
  15. Take more rubbish to tip.
  16. Rebuild other room.
  17. Buy nice rug and fit same.

We've finished now. By a process of considerable effort and expenditure we've just about got back to where we started.