Farewell Windows Phone

11708510555_bd275986ed_z (1).jpg

This is still my favourite my favourite ever phone. I got it nearly four years ago. Four years. That's several phone lifetimes ago. It has wireless charging and a fantastic OLED screen. Just like the phone that Apple are touting as revolutionary but haven't started selling just yet.

I found my Windows Phone far easier to use than anything else. It was as if a bunch of people had looked at iPhone and Android and asked "I wonder if we can do this better". Turns out that they could, but nobody cared. And now Microsoft have announced that they don't see mobile devices as a priority any more. Oh well.  

I've always seen things like phones and whatnot as pendulums swinging around. Microsoft had the mobile space to itself for quite a few years, then the pendulum swung to Apple and Android. Perhaps when Apple manage to properly drop the ball with the iPhone and people get annoyed with buggy Android devices that never get patched we might see a return to Microsoft. 

Until then I'll get my wonderful Windows Phone out every now and then, play with it and wonder at what might have been.