Remote Harmony

harmony remotes.JPG

Today I spent a little while sorting out the remote control for the telly. I bought this fancy Harmony Remote a while ago in a second hand shop and I think it has turned out to be quite a bargain. I've used Harmony remote controls for a very long time and I've round that they work very well, within the limitations of a totally open loop control system, where the remote just pumps out an infra-red message and has no way of knowing if it has been received or not.

Anyhoo, configuring the remotes is something I don't do often enough to be able to remember all the steps involved. But I do know that I'll have to download a program and then plug the remote control into the computer. I'm using a version of Windows that is several on from the one for which the program was created. I'm installing a USB driver that was written ages ago. I'm using TVs and devices that are comparatively recent. And yet it all worked. The Logitech servers even remembered the settings from last time (because I'd put my Logitech username and password into Password Padlock). Now I can turn on the TV with a single touch.Very impressive.