Last wee we went to see "Frogman" by Curious Directive. It's an intriguing story told by a combination of theatre and virtual reality. We really wanted to see what the VR stuff looked like, and how it was slotted into the narrative. So off we went.

The answer is that the VR looks pretty good and adds a lot to the experience. The production cleverly avoids the audience having to spend great chunks of time wearing the headsets, and manages the transitions between scenes very well. The one actor in the show does an astonishing job. Tessa Parr plays the part of a scientist studying the Great Barrier Reef who's past comes back to haunt her. And she does it really well.   

I think that one measure of a good story is the amount of discussion it generates on "what was really going on". On that score I reckon that Frogman is a great story. If you get the chance you should go and see this. Absolutely.