Star Trek Discovery is really, really good

Star Trek Discovery.PNG

I've liked Star Trek ever since I saw the very first episode on a cranky black and white telly when I was a kid way back in the sixties. For the last few years there's been a "Star Trek" shaped hole in my life that buying the boxed sets hasn't really satisfied. 

I was a bit worried when I heard about the latest incarnation of the franchise, as there were rumours of it being stuck in "development hell" and deadlines for release came and went. 

It turns out they were just working really hard to get things absolutely right. And they have. It is very, very good. A bit darker, with some real moral compromises at its heart, but brilliantly produced and acted, with some cracking story lines.  The first few episodes are mostly OK, with a bunch of Klingon subtitles I could well do without, but by episode 4 it really gets into its stride.

In the UK it's on Netflix, but in the 'states I you have to sign up to a particular CBS streaming service to get to see it. I'm not sure why I'm telling folks this, as if you're into Star Trek you've probably already watched a few episodes and drawn your own conclusions, but if you're late to the party then it's well worth seeking out and seeing.