Hull Pixelbot Scripting Language


About nine months ago I finished off a design for a scripting language for the Hull Pixelbot. The idea was that you could enter programs in clear text and the robot would understand and act on them. You'd not need anything else, and the programs would be compiled and stored inside the robot in an intermediate code. Then "Begin to code with Python" hit me, and everything else stopped as I frantically wrote chapters. 

Well, on Friday I decided to dust off the script design and actually start to build the language. I'm nearly finished. I had a problem when I ran out of memory (I've only got 32K of program space and 2K of memory) but I found that in one part of the program I'd used the sprintf function (which is huge). I've deleted that, freed up a few K of code space and it very nearly works. I've just got to drop in the while loops and I'll have the complete language running. There's nothing quite like designing your own language and then making it work on a tiny device.