itunes madness

Why? WHY?

Why? WHY?

I'm an Apple user, but an unwilling one. I love the iPhone for the hardware and what it can do, but I'm not very keen on how it does it. My situation reminds me a bit of a poker player who, when told that he is playing in a crooked poker game replies "Yes, but it is the only game in town". 

My iPhone doesn't have the graceful UI of my lovely Lumia 1520. And, now that Microsoft have pulled out of the music market, I'm forced to do battle with iTunes rather than the lovely and stylish Groove. 

I'm now using Apple music, but I've also made uncompressed copies of all my physical CDs and added them to my iTunes library. What I want is for iTunes to use the high quality copies where I have them, and "fill in the blanks" with streamed versions from the cloud. 

Instead iTunes just duplicates loads of albums, showing me the cloud and local versions for no readily apparent reason. And I can't find a way of using iTunes to get the high quality tracks off my computer onto my phone so that I can have portable high-quality music. The user interface is horrible, confusing, counter intuitive and badly documented, with the Apple help referring to options and buttons that no longer exist. 

And if I use my iPhone in the car, and try to play anything from Apple music, it tells me I've got lots of music in the cloud and then refuses to play any of it.

I really hate iTunes. I remember once saying that I thought that if the devil wrote software he'd probably have written iTunes. That was a few years ago. I've not changed my opinion. I tell people to reserve emotions like hate for things much more important than items of software, but for iTunes I'm prepared to make an exception.