Dr. Who Christmas Special Preview


I know stuff. Things I can't tell you. Things you can only learn by getting tickets to a Dr. Who Christmas Special preview in Hull and then standing in the freezing cold for an hour waiting to get in.

Thanks to Derek for getting the tickets. No thanks to the "fan" who thought it might be a wizard wheeze to sneak a camera into the earlier showing, disrupt everything when caught and delay things for everyone.

The showing was part of a tour of cities, bringing a bit of early Dr. Who themed seasonable joy. They had a Tardis with a snow machine. You could take pictures of yourself next to it, but we didn't bother in case we lost our place in the queue. The security was good natured but very intense. I've been on less well policed flights. We handed in our phones and then had a proper search for any other dodgy devices. 

I can't tell you much about the show, except to observe that I think the job of a Dr. Who Christmas Special is to stretch plausibility, space and time as far as it possibly can without breaking it and lob in a few good jokes plus a seasonal message. This one did a very good job of all those things. And it means I can give out a knowing air when we sit down in front of it on Christmas day.