Jeff Lynne's ELO are Awesome

I've liked ELO since, well, forever. And when I found out they were coming to Hull, I got tickets. They were playing at the KC Stadium. It's big. And it was full.

ELO did not disappoint. The support from The Shires and Tom Chaplin deserves special mention too for being excellent too. 

At the end they created enormous plumes of fire in time with the music. Awesome. 

A fantastic night that was only slightly let down by the one hour we spent in the car park trying to get out. The guide for the event said that "entry is gained by cash payment to the cash handlers". Sure enough, on arrival there were people in high-visibility jackets to take our money and direct us to our parking spaces. Unfortunately the guide also contained the ominous phrase "Vehicles exiting the car park are allowed to self regulate". What this meant was that come closing time all the chaps in high visibility jackets had disappeared (presumably to count their money) so there was nobody to direct the traffic, resulting in an enormous log-jam of cars going nowhere.  But it was still a great concert though.