Begin to Code Python Snaps

Creating pretty menu screens, Snaps style

Creating pretty menu screens, Snaps style

As you might know, I'm working on Begin to Code Python. You can order a copy below. It will be out once I've finished writing it....

When I wrote the Begin to Code with C# book (which you can buy now - see below) I wrote a library of functions I called Snaps. The idea was to use these to make it easy for people to create impressive applications right from the start. Snaps for C# became an enormous library that you can find on GitHub here. I'm using it for my Monday Snaps which you can read each, er, Monday. 

Anyhoo, when I started the Python book I wondered about writing a Snaps library for Python. I've always been concerned that people might think that they are getting a book about Snaps, not programming, and so I wasn't sure whether another library would be a good idea. And the libraries do take a while to build. 

To cut a long story short, I've decided to make some Snaps for Python. They're much more lightweight than the ones I wrote for C#. They're built on the pygame framework so that I can get some nice graphical and audio elements with minimal effort. I've put the first version of Python Snaps, along with all the sample programs for the first five chapter's worth of examples, on GitHub here.

I must admit I'm really (and I mean really) enjoying writing Python at the moment. As a language that lets you go quickly from idea to implementation I think it is very hard to beat. It requires a different approach to programming from a language like C#.  but that's not a bad thing.