Closing rings - a New Year Resolution


In the great spirit of "Fail early, fail often" I actually managed to break my New Year's Resolution on January the first. This was almost intentional, having crashed and burned so early in the process kind of takes the pressure off any future attempts. 

Anyhoo, the resolution was to at least complete my "activity ring" on the Apple fitness app each day. Like you can see I did last year at the end of December.

Closing this particular ring (there are three as you can see on the left) calls for a mere 30 minutes of moving about a bit. Spending an entire day on the sofa watching telly doesn't seem to fit well with this, hence the failure. 

But since then I've been a lot more busy. The latest version of the Apple watch software has a "fitness coach" mode which passes comment on your efforts and tries to exhort you to achieve more. I know that actually what is happening is something along the lines of:

if (exerciseTime < 30)
    print("Get off the sofa and do something you lazy person");

..but it does seem to be working. I've become quite fastidious about filling in the fitness ring and even hopping onto the rowing machine to top up any missing minutes towards the end of the day. Maybe I'll manage to fill in the others (energy consumption and standing up during the day) over time. 

I'm not sure that this will enable me to live longer, but I do find that with a bit of exercise my razor sharp mind is just a bit razor sharper.