Hull Raspberry Pi Jam and Hull Pixelbots


Sorry the image above is a bit blurry. My lovely Fuji camera takes fantastic pictures, but only if you're patient enough to let it finish focusing before you take the shot.

Anyhoo, We had great fun at the Raspberry Pi Jam in the Central Library in Hull today. I've written before about how any carefully designed user interface never survives contact with the user. Same happened to day when I turned some kids lose writing little programs to control robots. 

The good news is that making robots do what you tell them was sufficiently intriguing for folks to ride over issues with the interface, and everyone had great fun in the end. I left the event determined to get enough robots together to allow people to do some proper co-operative (or competitive) action.  And set up something rather interesting. 

Then it was on to the Global Gamejam event at the university. The theme of the competition is "Transmission". I've got a plan for that. Involving robots.