HP T6B82A Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw

hp laser printer.PNG

I bought a colour laser printer many years ago. The plan was to avoid problems with ink jet cartridges where the ink evaporates and when you want to print something you find that the printer is dry. However, it was not a great success because it seemed to prefer chewing up paper to printing on it. So it ended up on the tip. I’ve still got a cyan cartridge refill for it lying around somewhere though, which serves as a memento of sorts I suppose.

Since then I’ve gone back to ink-jets. But they are a bit slow and since I’m finding more need to print things (Arduino notes for the c4di Hardware Group and HullPixelbot notes for robot builders) I thought it was time to take another look at lasers.

My needs were fairly simple. I wanted a colour printer that could print on both sides of the paper It had to work with all the devices around the house and it must not chew paper. The HP T6B82A Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw (what a name) seemed to fit the bill, and it was available at a good price with the added bonus of 80 pounds cashback from HP. Which should just about pay for the first replacement toner cartridge.

Anyhoo, the printer arrived a week or so ago and so far it has been completely wonderful (he wrote - thereby damming himself and the printer for all eternity….). The print quality is great and the printer worked straight out of the box. No setup as such, just turn it on, enter the WiFi credentials on the tiny touch screen and then browse for it from Windows 10. Printing has come a long way since those days of driver disks and USB cables that weren’t in the box…

The printer will be expensive to feed in terms of toner, but I’m not going to print a huge amount. And the quality of picture printing is really impressive (at least to me). Much better than inkjets on standard paper. The printer has a scanner with a document feeder (single sided only though) and it can even be used to send faxes. Whatever they are.

If you’re after something with a bit more about it than inkjets I think it makes a really good buy.