Windows 10 October Update


I installed the latest Windows 10 update over Wednesday night on two machines at the same time. I was quite amused to see my lowly Surface Go upgrade in around same time as my proper desktop. The Surface Go is really growing on me.

The installation just worked. On Thursday morning I had the new system running. I’ve not noticed much different to be honest. The biggest change for me so far is that the Snipping Tool is being phased out. This has been a mainstay of my workflow for a very long time. One of the first things I used to do after installing Windows was put a shortcut to the Snipping Tool on the task bar. It was very good at capturing the entire contents of windows. It did have its foibles though. One of the most annoying was that when you drew with a white pen on a white background the pen disappeared. I’ve wondered for a long time why this has not been fixed.

I’m talking about the Snipping Tool in the past tense because I’ve switched to the new replacement, the Snip & Sketch tool. It seems to do all the things that the Snipping Tool does. I even used it to capture the image at the top of this post. It also sets the cursor colour correctly when drawing, which is a step forwards.

I’ve not noticed any huge changes in Windows 10 so far. But I’m looking forward to doing some more exploring.