Air Quality Designs and Software now on GitHub


If you woke up with an urge to create an Air Quality sensor out of either a Heltec or a Wemo device then I’ve got good news for you. You can download all my software and hardware designs from here. You can make sensors that use LoRa in OTAA or APB (these will make sense if you know LoRa or go to my talk later this month). You can also use MQTT to talk to Azure IOT Hub or another MQTT broker including Mosquitto.

All configuration is performed using JSON messages that can be sent via the serial port or over the air. It is very easy to configure a device, no need to re-burn the software each time you want to deploy another sensor with a different name and network configuration.

I call this a “shirk in progress” release, in that I’ve been too lazy to release any new versions for a while. However, I'm now using this as my main development repository and so you can expect updates, including more detailed documentation, over time.