LoRa Seminar Recording

Since I had the slide deck lying around I thought I’d record a screencast of the content for anyone who missed the seminar yesterday. I’ve not made any screencasts for a while. I learned a few things doing this one:

  • All the foam has dropped off the earpieces on my microphone headset and turned into a rather horrible powder….

  • The microphone on the headset seems to be past it’s prime too.

  • It’s very annoying when the phone rings and you’re in the middle of a recording (if you listen you’ll hear the smooth and professional way that I deal with this)

I’ve ordered a better headset with a proper microphone. At the emf camp earlier this year a chap was talking about podcasting and saying everyone should do it. Once the new headphones arrive I’ll have one less excuse for not having a go. So expect to hear more of my dulcet tones in the future.