Tell LoRa I love her.


Gotta love the post title. But I do quite like LoRa. We're doing some exciting things with LoRa nodes over the next few weeks and so I thought I'd build a node of my own. I used a kit that Robin put together and had a node on the air within a couple of hours. The node just sends temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity up to a Things Network server, but it does do that. And I can get the data into a Python program (other programming languages are available) amongst other places. And it was genuinely fun and easy to do. 

To celebrate I've designed and printed a box to hold the node. It's far too big at the moment. I used to have a thing where I'd make the boxes exactly the same size as the components and then find I had no way to actually get the components in, and put them together. This box won't win any prizes for compactness, but it will let me carry the node around and see just how many places pick up the signal. When I've got a bit more experience with the technology I'll post some How-Tos and other stuff. This really is great fun.