Building the Monitair Configuration Page


The new configuration web page for the Monitair sensor is taking shape. Above you can see the “home page” that the sensor displays during setup. Rather than having one enormous page of settings we now have links to sub-pages which contain different setting categories. The page is generated from a data structure so that it is very easy to add new settings.


These are the simple settings for the device. You can leave everything else at the default values and the sensor will just work on the Connected Humber MQTT broker. The only things you really need are WiFi connection details and the MQTT password. If you happen to know your location details you can put them into the form so that the sensor readings can be displayed on the map. When you click Update the settings are written into EEPROM on the device. You can use the advanced configuration pages to select things like the hardware pins that various peripheral devices are connected to. I’m rather enjoying writing this…