Racket Fury for Oculus Quest plays a mean game of Table Tennis

racket fury.PNG

I’ve no idea why a table tennis game should be called “Racket Fury”. But the game is great. I had a go at the Sports Scramble game on the Quest (a demo version is supplied with the device) and found that to be a bit “meh”. They seem to think that changing your tennis racket into a golf club in mid rally is a good thing.

I beg to differ.

But the Racket Fury: table tennis game is another thing entirely. I’ve played enough “proper” table tennis to be able to tell when a shot I’ve made is going to go out. I get this “sinking feeling” as the ball leaves the bat. The Eleven: Table Tennis game I play on the HTC Vive is good enough to give me that “sinking feeling” and so is Racket Fury. The frame rate seems a bit lower, but the fun of playing the game is still there.

It’s also rather satisfying to be able to play this game better than number one son, thanks to many years spent bouncing off real tables.

The tracking of the bat is very good, two pro tips:

  • investigate the menu that lets you rotate the bat in your hand, this means that you can have a more natural bat holding experience

  • changes from arcade to “physics” mode. This makes the game harder, but more satisfying.

If you have an Oculus Quest you should get this game.