Get Coding! A great book to start programming

get coding.PNG

I found this book in a library. But, given that it represents really good value for such a well written text with full colour pages, you should buy your own copy.

The title is a tiny bit misleading though. There is coding in the book, but there is also a lot of HTML and CSS type stuff which is not really programming, but you need as a framework to hold the JavaScript that readers end up writing. The context of the code exercises is beautifully set out, with lovely illustrations and and engaging characters being used to build a fun narrative. It also has a few things that a kid learning to program could use to “impress mum”, always a good thing.

If you’ve got kids this who fancy a go at coding this would be a great starting point. There is also a follow on text (called Get Coding 2!) which has more coding and a focus on game development.