Vader Immortal for Oculus Quest

vadar immortal.PNG

Well, that was embarrassing. Fortunately number one wife was out so nobody saw. Yesterday evening in the middle of light sabre training I managed to wallop one of the lights in the living room with my “sabre”. Quite scary to have the real world intrude on the virtual one. And I think I’ve broken the bulb in the lamp.

I was having such fun too. Once in a while you do something and think “This is the future”. Playing Vader Immortal is like that. The quality of the experience is first rate. The use of the controllers is very clever. The “sense of place” is very well realised. I particularly like the bits where you climb hand on hand up ladders and look down at where you’ve come from. And get a bit of vertigo. Once people have had a dose of this they will all want their own virtual reality. And quite right too.

I think the game doesn’t take that long to play. I’m deliberately rationing myself because I don’t want it to end. The first episode of the game is only 8 pounds or so, and great value at that price. If you have a VR device you should have a copy of this game. It really is the future.