Cheap project boxes

What you can get for seven pounds

What you can get for seven pounds

Making boxes to put projects in is hard work. You can 3D print them but that takes ages. You can laser cut them (but you need a laser cutter). And making things waterproof is really hard too.

Turns out that terminal boxes make great project boxes. They arrive waterproof and the holes in their sides have nifty little rubber plugs in them which you can cut to fit whatever you really want connect to. It turns out that the buttons that I bought last week can be made to fit in the sides with just a modicum of surgery. We’ve also used these holes to provide inlets for air quality sensors.

If you’re lucky you might find that you can shine neopixels through the rubber plugs to get a nice lighting effect - like I do for the two button game. I don’t think this will work with the boxes above though, their plugs seem quite opaque.

Terminal boxes are available in lots of sizes and really good prices. I got the ones above from Screwfix.