Home the weary traveller and his Surface Go


Another day, another six hour train journey. But then again it is quite a long way from Dundee to Hull. Fortunately I’d taken my Surface Go with me, so I could be properly productive on the journey. Even when it turned out that the mains sockets at my table on the train were broken. I did three hours on one train, then another bunch of work on the next one - that had working sockets which was nice. Pro travel tip: take an adaptor with a light on it so that you can discover which sockets are working before you sit down.

I love working with the Surface Go. It recognises me and give me a cheery hello when I start it up. It’ doesn’t make a fuss when I ask it to do something. It just gets on with it. Actions like opening Visual Studio provoke no reaction at all from the hardware, rather than the furious whirring of fans I used to get with my Surface devices. Yes, it is slower than them, but it does get there, it was half their price, and it gives me time to admire the scenery going past the windows. I even don’t mind the smaller screen, bearing in mind I’m having to carry it around. It’s a great device.