Using TTN Mapper to show LoRa coverage


I’ve been playing with TTN Mapper. It’s great. There’s an app you can get for your phone (Android or IoS). You configure it with the details of your Things Network application and then you can wander round with a portable LoRa device and help to build a map of coverage.

You don’t have to actually connect your LoRa device to your phone, you just have to enable the mapper program on your phone to connect to your application and then it will detect LoRa packets from the device in that application and use the gateway metadata to help build the coverage map.

I’ve configured one of my Pax counter devices so that I can use it for mapping. Note that you need to be careful to put the sensor name in exactly as it is configured in the application. My iphone keyboard “helpfully” converted one of the characters in the device name to upper case and broke the mapping.

Some of the strings you have to enter are quite long. I opened up the Things Network site on my phone and then copied them out of the browser into the setup page of the application.

You can use a wildcard for the device name but this might get confusing if the mapper starts thinking that messages from distant sensors are actually with you and your iphone. But this would be a good way to work if you make a network with a single LoRa device that you are going to use just for mapping.

I’m going to try and get into the habit of taking the phone and a LoRa device with me whenever I go for a walk.