Projecting Myself

I don't have many vices really. I don't drink, smoke or gamble.. Number one wife says that I should start doing all these at once because it would be cheaper than what I do indulge in. And that is gadgets. 

I got another one today. Something I've always fancied owning but not got round to. It's a tiny portable projector from Maplin. The picture above doesn't really give you a sense of scale, but it is around the size of a couple of packets of cigarettes.  Really tiny.

And it works a treat. 

My reason for purchase is that I wanted to attach it to a Raspberry Pi. It works really well. In fact it is even better than you might think (if you think about these things). The projector contains a battery which lets it run for around 2 hours or so. But the battery can also be used to recharge connected devices. So you can power the Raspberry Pi from the projector. Most interesting.

The resolution is fine and the picture is bright enough to see even in a lit room.

I'm not saying you need one of these. But if you fancy one, it is a good one to get.