David Parker is blogging

I've just discovered that David Parker, one of my chums from Hull University Department of Computer Science, is blogging. He's written a lovely post about why you should blog, and then followed his own advice to create this

He's also reminded me of Compsciblogs, a great way to keep track of Computer Science blogs. If you start blogging (and you should) you can add your blog there too.

Penguins and Reliable Systems

It's lovely to see research work in Computer Science getting the recognition it deserves. The Dependable Intelligent Systems group at Hull has been doing some lovely work connecting the behaviour of penguin communities with reliability issues concerning regenerative braking systems on electric cars (among other things). Yes. Really,

There's a great report of the work here.

All Star Departmental Video

We thought it might be fun to make a video that gives you a tour of the department and shows you what we get up to. So we did. Camomile is the tour leader and does a wonderful job of showing you round the place. Kudos to Rachel for putting the whole thing together and making it look so good.

Warning: This report does not contain any flash photography, but there may be a cameo appearance from yours truly.