Python Wrap

Python wrap sounds like the kind of dish you don't pick off the menu, or perhaps a piece of music that you really don't want to hear. But in this context I'm talking about the last of our "Wrestling with Python" sessions for a while. They have been great fun to deliver, and it has been lovely to watch people come to terms with the artful business that is programming. 

This week we were making good on our promise of a "Soup to Nuts" implementation, going from problem description to working code.  And we added some File Handling, just to make it even more useful. You can find the slides and completed code here.

We'll be running more of these next year. 

Python: Soup to Nuts

I think I picked up the phrase "Soup to Nuts" when I was in the 'states a while back. I used it in a session today and all was confusion and hilarity. It simply means "all the way from the beginning to the end". 

We're doing some "Soup to Nuts" work at the moment in the Wrestling with Python sessions. I've put together something that looks a bit like the kind of assignments that are being used in schools in the UK and we are all going to work through it over the next few weeks.

If you fancy having a go you can find the assignment here.

Yet More Python Wrestling

Today we restarted our Wrestling with Python teaching series. We've been doing these for around a year now, and some stalwarts returned to the wrestling fray, along with a few newcomers too. 

For this course we are trying out PyCharm. This looks like a great place to write Python code. My advice if you are just starting is to not worry too much about all the options, but work through something just to get the feel of it. You can find the exercises that we did here

If you are a local teacher who fancies free food and programming company of a Tuesday night there is still some space left, get in touch if you fancy coming along.