Red Nose Day Lecture now online


I’ve lovingly rendered the entire lecture, along with slides, into a 28 minute or so action packed video which is packed with action. You can find it above. Thanks again to everyone who came along. To Simon and Peter for taking the videos and Amanda for collecting money. I’d also like to thank the lovely folks at Gadgeteer (particularly Scarlet and Clare) for sending me such a wonderful prize. If you want to do something with Gadgeteer (and you really should) you can find out more about the platform here:

Oh, and there have been some mutterings about the fact that I did manage to raise a thousand pounds but did not perform the lecture wearing a tutu. Turns out that I passed the target last night (Saturday) and the lecture was on the day before (Friday). So this means that there was (and is) no need for any kind of tutu sporting.

And anyway, I think the audience had a lucky escape. The ever-helpful Simon Grey prepared an artist’s impression of what I would look like:


..although I don’t think my arms are quite as muscular as the ones above.