Rather Useful Seminars Autumn 2014

October 8th: Fun in the Embedded World with the Arduino

  • Find out how easy and cheap it is to make your own embedded devices
  • Includes a demonstration of remote controlled wedding lights

October 15th: Sensing the world with Kinect 2

  • How the Kinect 2 sensor works
  • How to create programs that are genuinely aware of their surroundings

October 22nd: Creating and Printing 3D Objects from Software

  • How 3D printing works
  • Creating 3D objects from Python and C#

October 29th: Three Thing Game and Monogame + Aardvark Swift “Get in the Game”

  • Getting started writing XNA games using MonoGame
  • Aardvark Swift developer recruitment event

November 5th: Particle Systems

  • Creating impressive effects in your games with particles
  • You can make smoke, fireworks, ants and lots of lovely effects

November 12th: Getting started with the Raspberry Pi

  • Everyone should have “a little bit of Pi in their life”
  • Find out what you need to get started and what you can do with the device

November 19th: App Development in Hull

  • How Hull is setting up its stall to become a leader in app development
  • Discover how you can get local support to turn ideas into products

November 26th: Imagine Cup: Why you should enter

  • Hull has an enviable record in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition
  • Find out what makes us great, and how you can become great too

December 3rd: Making a Fortune with your Blog

  • Why you should be writing regularly
  • How you can get your name out there

December 10th: Getting More Marks without doing More Work

  • How to apply yourself to your studies for maximum effect
  • Note that this session is in A3-ELTS

Rather Useful Seminars are on topics which are not part of the curriculum but are fun and might even be useful. Anyone is welcome to come along.

All the seminars will take place at 1:15pm on the given Wednesday, in Lecture Theatre A in the Robert Blackburn Building (except for the very last one, which will be in A3-ELT).