Disruptive Development with Rob Hogg from Black Marble

Rob Hogg  from Black Marble came to see us today. He was talking about "Disruptive Development". Rather sadly (writes Rob Miles) I was unable to see all the talk, having another commitment for the first part. However, the fact that when I entered the lecture room everyone was dead quiet and paying close attention means that there must have been some good stuff going on. 

The basis of Rob's talk was tuServe, a system developed for a UK police force. He was talking about the way in which a brave developer can achieve a step change in the quality of an application, as long as they can convince the customer (who probably wants to stay with the stuff that they know and love) that what they are talking about is possible. 

I stole the pictures on the right from a case study that Intel have produced about this very successful project. Well worth a read. 

Thanks to Rob for a great session.