Semester 2 Rather Useful Schedule

February 4th
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

Getting Started with Python

·         Muyiwa Olu-Ogunleye gives an introduction to the Python programming language

February 11th
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

Industrial Placements

·         Charlotte Godley explains why you should do an industrial placement and how to go about getting one

February 18th
Robert Blackburn Building LTD

Stories from the Sharp End of Development

·         Rob Hogg from software developer Black Marble with an insight into professional development practice

February 25th
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

Careers and Internships Networking Event

·         Meet up with companies looking for software developers as employees and interns

March 4th
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

The GNU/Linux operating system

·         Connor Blakey explains what Linux is, what makes it tick, does some myth-busting and describes its current uses. t

March 11th
Robert Blackburn Building LTD

All about Research

·         Find out what you actually do when you are doing research, and how to get involved. Hantao Liu explains all.

March 18th
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

Platform Agnostic Development with C#

·         Joe Stead explains how to take your programs across platform without even noticing.

April 15th
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

PEGI and Game Certification

·         If you have any inclination to publish video games you should now about PEGI certification and how to effectively design your game for its audience.

April 22nd
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

What Really Happens in Hive

·         Jon Purdy from the Hull Immersive Visualisation Environment gives a demonstration of the technology we have and explains how you can get to use some of it.

April 29th
Robert Blackburn Building LTA

Getting More Marks without doing More Work

·         Tom Fosdick from Seed software shows how to apply yourself to your studies for maximum effect

Rather Useful Seminars are on topics which are not part of the curriculum but are fun and might even be useful. Anyone is welcome to come along. All the seminars will take place at 1:15pm on the given Wednesday, in the locations given.