2013 Summer Three Thing Game

Three Thing Game May

This summer we are doing our first ever “in week” Three Thing Game. We’ve done this to make it fit around examinations for most students. If you fancy some 24 hour game development shenanigans you take part in the 24 hours from 3:00 pm on Thursday 30th of May to 3:00 pm on Friday 31st. That’s how long you’ll have to make your game. The Thing Auction will be at 1:00 pm on Thursday 30th of May in Lecture Theatre A in the Robert Blackburn Building. The judging will be at 3:00 pm on Friday 31st of May in the same place. How you spend the time between the two is entirely up to you, but you also get free entry to the Summer Bash on Thursday night, if you are looking for distractions.

Guests from Boss Alien will be along to take part too.

Teams can register by filling in this form and returning it to Rob Miles, with their registration fee, by the end of Tuesday 28th May.