Three Thing Game Event Details

Three Thing Game Game Development

October/November 2014
Competitor Briefing

Event Locations

The event starts with a grand lecture at 5:15 pm on Friday 31st October in Lecture Theatre A in the Robert Blackburn Building. Then we will transfer to the Fenner Computer Suite on the ground floor of the Fenner Building.

We will transfer back to Lecture Theatre A for the final presentations.

The Fenner Computer Suite in the Fenner Building. There will be a brief introduction and then you can head for your work areas and get on with the game development. The competition ends at 6:30 pm on Saturday 1st of November

Entering and Leaving

If you want to leave the department for whatever reason, and return later, that is perfectly OK. Your swipe card should give you access to the labs. The doors of the building will be locked during the night. If you need to gain entrance call one of your friends inside the building let you get back in. Do not leave any of the building doors unlocked or wedged open.

Your Stuff 

Please don't leave your stuff unattended. The university has security staff on campus who will have been informed of the event, but we can't guarantee the security of stuff I'm afraid. Ask a friend to keep an eye on your things if you have to nip out.

Food and Drink

We will be providing snacks during the event. We will be getting Pizza (lots of it) sent in on Friday night at 7:30 pm and putting out some snacks and nibbles during the event.

If you want to get items to eat and drink in the labs then this is OK provided you tidy up afterwards. There will be bin bags in the lab, please use them. If we leave the rooms in a mess we will not be allowed to hold this event again.

The Pizza Choice Survey is here.

Tweeting and Social Networking

If you want to provide a video feed from your lab then that would be great. If you let me know the URL I’ll put it on the web site for people to find. If you want to tweet the event use the hashtag #threethinggame.

I will be taking some pictures during the event and adding them to Flickr. I will also be keeping the ThreeThingGame web site up to date. If you take any pictures you can tag them threethinggame.

Getting Help

We will be wandering around the various labs giving what help we can. We might even create some game objects for you if you ask nicely.


If you are using a university workstation you may need extra software loaded onto the system. We will be around on Friday evening to help get all the software installed and working. If you have brought your systems we can give help installing them and getting them connected.

It is important that all the hardware is removed in a tidy fashion before the we go to the final presentation. The lab will be required for use on Monday morning and it is important that we leave it how we found it.

Judging and Demonstrations

Starting at 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon we will make a pass through the teams and view a three minute presentation from each team to show the gameplay that they have developed. There will be three judging teams that will judge the entries. Each team will choose their top three teams to select the 9 finalists for the final judging session.

The judges will be looking for three things (of course J)

  1. Adherence to the Three Things that you have.
  2. How Well the Game works (how good the game looks and how complete it is)
  3. Fun Factor (how much fun the game is to play)

Each finalist team will present their games in the judging session in Lecture Theatre A in the Wilberforce Building starting at 5:00 pm on Saturday evening. We will then award the prizes and the judging should be completed by 6:30 pm when the competition ends.

It is important that your demonstrations run to time. The judges are instructed to stop any presentation at the three minute point, even if you are in the middle of speaking. We need to run to time, and it is important that you learn how to present your game in a short time.

People’s Choice Award

We will be looking for a team to get the “People’s Choice” award. This is scored by all the competitors. While the judges are meeting up with the teams we also invite teams to go round and have a look at the other competition entries and judge the People’s Prize.

Mark each category out of 10 and then work out the total. Use the form at the end of this document to fill in your scores and then enter the totals into our score survey:

The People's Choice Survey is here

There should be one entry per team. Please don’t vote for your own team.