Three Thing Game for Session 2014-2015

In a fit of planning we've set the dates for the Three Thing Game contests for this Session.

Halloween Three Thing Game 31st October to 1st November

We will be writing games into the witching hour. With Microsoft and MonoGame coming along to take part you can expect all kinds of spooky fun, including special presentation by MonoGame of the latest changes to their wonderful portable implementation of XNA. The itinerary for the event is as follows:

  • Thing Auction on Monday 27th of October at 2:15 pm in Hardy Lecture Theatre 1
  • Rather Useful Seminar to introduce the template XNA game on Wednesday 29th October at 1:15 pm in Robert Blackburn Building Lecture Theatre A
  • MonoGame Team Unveil latest developments in the platform (extra prizes for using them in your games) on Friday 31st November at 5:15 pm in Robert Blackburn Building Lecture Theatre A
  • Game Hackathon stage gets under way in the Fenner Labs on Friday 31st October at 6:15 pm 
  • Pizza arrives on Friday 31st October at 7:30 pm 
  • Judges make first pass of the teams starting at 3:00 pm on Saturday 1st November in Fenner Lab
  • Finalist Presentations and awards at 5:00 pm on Saturday 1st November

A template game will be available for those who haven't written a lot of code just yet. This will be designed to make it really easy to publish whatever wonderfulness that you manage to come up with during the competition. We'll be doing a session on how to use the template in the Rather Useful Seminar on 29th of October.

Three Thing Game Old Timers

Anyone who is no longer at Hull (sad face) but who wants to take part in the event is welcome to come back for the event (happy face). If you want to come along and build a game, or just help with the mentoring, it would be great to see you back here. We'll even come up with a "Not Particularly Impressive Prize" just for the "Old Timer Teams" that want to come along. If you fancy doing this, get in touch with Rob Miles directly.


Registration for the Halloween Three Thing Game will open on 13th of November. Teams of up to 4 can take part. We charge 2 pounds per team member to take part. You'll be able to download and print registration forms from this site.

Summer Three Thing Game 11th -12th June 2015

Summer fun in the very last week of the semester. For die hard game writers that don't want to go home until the last possible minute. Schedule and organisation to be sorted out closer to the date...