Spring 2016 Three Thing Game Registration

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Welcome to the registration page for Three Thing Game. The sequence goes like this:

  1. Register here. Put in your team members and, most importantly, a working email address for your team contact person/captain/benevolent dictator. A team can have up to five members, or just one.
  2. Get a confirmation email. Cheer.
  3. Bring your team (along with your registration fees - 2 pounds per team member to cover some of our costs) to the Lecture Theatre 2 in the Wilberforce Building at 2:15 pm on Monday 11th of April to get your registration details and get your things. Remember, no fees - no things.
  4. Spend the week finding out about games and code and stuff.
  5. Come along on Friday 15th of April, write games and smile. And eat pizza.
  6. Judging on Saturday, look at all the other games, maybe win a prize.

Registration is open to students of The University of Hull. Registration closes on Friday 8th of April. 

I'll be sending more detailed registration stuff through closer to the date. If your team membership changes (it can happen) let me know and I'll update your team details. Send your emails to registration@threethinggame.com