C# for Fun and Profit

I've spent a big chunk of today writing my new C# course. We are teaching it to our first year students next session for the first time. C# has replaced Java in my affections for the simple reason that I find it more useful. And I reckon it will be easier to teach. 

It is probably a bit sad to get worked up about how nice a programming language is. I've not actually got to the point where I stop people on the street and to them say things like "And it's got properties! Look at this code here! I can call the set method just by performing an assignment....". However, I fear that the time may be near.

I quite fancy making one of these. Just to get the reaction of the family when I get it out and start making home movies with it. It is worth watching the sample films (especially the last one) just for the super way that the guy has used backing music to really make the clips come alive. And now I want, want, want a copy of the "Take Care of My Cat" soundtrack.