Cupboard Love

Apparently cupboards should have backs. They are not supposed to act like those things that magician's assistants get into and subsequently disappear from. The cupboard in our kitchen is slowly changing back into sawdust, and as a kind of weigh point on this progress the back fell off, which resulted in tins of tuna (dolphin safe) amongst other things vanishing into it, never to be seen again.

Well, today I did something about it. Using my electric screwdriver, bradawl and of course my trusty hammer, I contrived to refit the shelves, brace them with some plastic bracing thingies and firmly fix the back in place. In the proces I found some quite, shall we say, elderly food. All nicely packed and sealed. We had three categories; not past sell by date, past sell by date and sell by date worn off.

Whatever did we do before sell by dates? Perhaps they are a great marketing scam to make people buy new products for no good reason. However, I've always had a sneaking respect for them. For many years (and even today in some plants) the sell by date on bottles of Budweiser was produced by software written by my own fair hand. Not that we ever had any in our house long enough to ever need to worry about that of course....