Disks. Wah!

Spent most of today preparing media for my wonderful "Fullmarks" marking program. This is the all singing, all dancing, annotating masterpiece which will make marking this coursework really easy and fun. The program seems to do everything now, but I'm sure that after 150 labs I'll find something new it needs to do. But back to preparing media. I'd asked the students to submit on floppy disk or CD-ROM. Bad move. Out of 150 submissions, around 20 won't read on my machine.

And I've just remembered that I hate floppy disks. Horrid, creaky things with read errors. And now I hate CD-ROMS as well. Horrid, creaky things with read errors. It might be that my machine in my office is a bit old, but I would have expected better performance than this!

The thing that really annoyed me (hmm, this might just be a rant) was the way that Windows XP (a wonderful operating system in just about every other respect) completely freezes when you put a CD-ROM in the drive. I've no idea why this is, and I know that older versions of the operating system were better in this respect.

Anyhoo, I now have 120 or so things to mark. I'll let you know how I get on.

Oh, and the funny pick and mix display was selling Lego bricks of all things! You could by a cup full of just red ones if you wanted. And the car, count the number of wheels that you can see....