Morality Test

So I go down to the coffee machine (not to get coffee - I'm not that stupid..). And I notice that there is already 10 pence paid into it. This causes a huge crisis. Do I:
  1. Pay less for my drink and consider myself 10 pence up on the day (a major win on my part)?
  2. Pay less for my drink and donate the 10 pence to a good cause?
  3. Leave the machine with 10p in so that is causes the same conscience crisis for the next user of the machine?

In the end I opted for option 3. I kind of felt that my integrity was under threat. Options 1 and 2 would have me leaving with the extra money (and they wouldn't necessarily know it was going to a good cause). And it might be that somebody had just popped off to get extra change to finish paying.


And they say that us programmers obsess over small things....