Nobody knows the answer

OK, since nobody knows how to solve this one I'll post the answer tomorrow. If you want a clue; it has to do with construction.....

Oh, and in case you are wondering where I've been, I've spent a very happy time at an MVP (Most Valued Professional) day in Reading. Many thanks to Lorna and the team for making us so welcome and the time so interesting.

I reckon that in every age the people around must have reckoned theirs is the most interesting time to be alive:

"This new fire stuff really looks like a neat idea...."

"These steam engines are ushering in a new age..."

"Now that we've got electricity things are really cooking...."

However, I reckon now is most definitely the most interesting time to be around. From the chats that I've had with Microsoft people and others over the last day the changes that we have seen (which are amazing) are pretty darned small fry compared with what is coming over the horizon. It seems that everything is going to be connected, intelligent and useful. I'm not saying that I've seen the future and it works. But I've had a little glimpse of where we are going and it sure looks like fun!